The Reefuge

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3 Month Update Posted By: Mattres
Its been a little while since my last update, the tank has been happily cruising and maturing up until this past week. Nothing new has been added for a little over a month. Partly as I'm trying to stock it slowly but also for the fact i haven't found time to get to a LFS. Work and life have been quite hectic since the tank went up so hopefully over the coming months I can give it a bit more...

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Noticed on Friday on frag of Yellow terra had RTN'd. So I knew something was up. Decided to look at my reactor effluent flow rate late last night. Yap as I thought, slowed down a lot over the past year. Time for some new feed pipes to and from the reactor. Tested alk to find it had shot up to 11. Switched off reactor to deal with today. In the process of diluting the reactor and hopefully...

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Hi :) Hoping people can direct me to pictures/plans/ideas for a sump room - I've had a bit of a search on these forums but can't seem to find anything specific. We are looking to build our own home in the near future, so are keen to get ideas! Thanks!

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Still No Ideas... Posted By: Fats
Hey all sorry to post again, but I'm really stumped and I want then gone! I've no idea what they are, kinda plate/mushroom looking things. They are quite hard and not 'pop-able'. Any ideas?

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Snail Id's Posted By: gtrxu1
I started getting these in plague proportions recently, I have pulled out at least 200 of them so far. Can anyone help id them? I also pulled out about 6 of the larger one in the pic below.

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Rare Fish. Posted By: OSCAR85
Hi all, Thought id pop back for a wee thread as ill be coming back to reefing soon. Anyway I'm putting together a planned fish list and wanted to know if anyone was lucky enough to have fish from oceans away and if so what do you have or wish to have. Ive been diving in Mexixo and would love a blue spot jaw fish but don't think ill ever get one. Are there restrictions on certain fish coming...

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Oh boy, oh boy, do I have an update for you guys!! :D lol after I got that list of goodies that were coming in, they came in but while they tried to steal the show, as per usual Christian and the guys at Sustainable Reefs made sure that was not the case!! Holy balls was there an overload of goodies!! Just check out this bloody sps tank the next morning from the shipment! There was just soooo...

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G’day all, Time for another Pic heavy update. The Tank has been cruising along and believe it or not I haven’t done a water change for 3 months. (You may be able to tell because of my sand bed) I stopped doing WC when my P04 & Nitrates were very low. (I assume this is because I use part Zeo & part AF) Things I have done in the past month was add some fish. One mandarin Two Pyjama cardinals...

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Colour has improved although a long way to go yet. Might be time for new light sabers.

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Some Pondering Posted By: Wrangy
It's strange really, I was thinking about the tank and the hobby and now you're all going to have to put up with me thought ramblings. I've been in this hobby for 4/5 years now and I've yet to have my tank at a stage of what I would consider it to be a successful reef for any period of time. There was a period there with cade that was doing really well and I was over the moon with it and truly...

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Trouble Posted By: mscott
Well...all i can really say is im in trouble. Add onto that that im an idiot as well. Cycle complete check First fish check Then everything under the name of the sun including a nem...check Well im in for a struggle soon and i know that much but for now we are cruising. With a baserock start and a drop off look to the scape weve got a good looking tank. A pair of percs a scooter blenny and a...

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Macro Video Posted By: Sam Parker
Hi all, thought I best share a video I made recently as a bit of a challenge from an old mate Michael Park. We often try to push each other along photography wise and have mini challenges now and then like this one. Anyway, sit back, ensure you are watching in HD and full screen and enjoy!

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About 4 months old now, any suggestions welcome

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tank fts August 2017E .jpg
Quick FTS as it currently stands Had issues with something eating my rhodactus... Sorry for the shit pic under exposed it so a little dull

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Ticking Along Posted By: slin1977
Wow my life has been busy lately, can see that from not posting a journal update for over 6 weeks. So what's been happening? I had a great job that I really enjoyed, however that ended on 1 July when the contracts between companies were not extended for the next term. But as they say when one door closes..... I ended up starting a new job with a lot of challenges. I can only hope that it...

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