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Hi everyone, I need some advise please, I purchased a reactor from fish street and had problems fitting it in my sump, after some adjustments it is in, when i got one for my second tank, i went for a different one to make sure it fits,a bubble magus, the problem is the fish street one spins really fast, and the bubble magus, the pellets just bop around in the bottom, both using the same pellets,...

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With more people wanting to use natural filtration for their tanks, we are going to look at the two main types of units that you can put on your system: Chaeto reactors (or "algae reactors") and algae turf scrubbers (ATS). We won’t be looking at refugiums however, since those have mostly a different purpose. This will be a multi-part post; the next post will start with the basics, so if you’d...

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Video five in the series, covers how to use the software Adobe Lightroom to get the absolute most from your reef tank pictures in post processing. Addresses how to fix white balance problems, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, add vignetting, lens correction and even how to add a watermark to your shots.

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Hey guys, first time posting but i saw a thread from about 5 years ago looking for Chaeto in Australia that worked out well. I'm based in Bendigo, Victoria and have had no luck finding any Chaetomorpha online for sale in Aus. Everywhere seems to be out of stock and doesn't have a date for when it'll be available again. Just wondering if there's any kind member who'd be able to spare some and send...

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Video 4 is live! Reef DSLR Photography series, Video 4 - Top Down Macros Video four in the series, covers how to perform top down macro shots. Covers the basics like ensuring you have safe access to the top of your tank, right the way through to which settings to use and lens selection Sam

3 Months went by pretty quick. Still no fish but i have been looking for the last few weeks. Im currently looking for a Kole Tang for my first fish or anything small and bright. Even a cool goby or blenny but one with some colour. I really didn't want to just buy a fish for the sake of it. I have been dosing KN03(Potassium Nitrate) for the last 2 weeks and i finally have some colour come up when...

Video three in the series, covers how to get the most from your full tank shots. From the basics like removing things out of the way, to turning off room lights and closing curtains all the way through to what camera settings to use.

Video two in the series, covers what baseline settings to use to get you in the ballpark for taking good shots, then a detailed explanation of how shutter speed, aperture and ISO will affect the picture in both a good and bad way.

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Hey Reefuge, Introducing a new video series aimed specifically at beginners learning how to use DSLR camera's, especially with their reef tank. I'm no photography expert, but have found how to get some pretty handy shots with mid range gear over the last couple of years and would love to share my tips and tricks. This first video in the series will focus on what equipment to look for, or to...

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So after the cooked reactor I managed to RTN two SPS- did a bit of a aquascape by adding two bags of aragalive today. Hope it does not affect the tank but here we go.

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Not You Again! Posted By: Wrangy
Well guess what, I've got another update!! :p bet you're sick of me now haha I caved to the gratuitous amounts of peer pressure from everyone and got the gold nuggets :rofl which I do not regret at all!! I managed to get some nice-ish pics of them and the sump tank too so here they are! I also have some very nice goodies growing out too :cum And here are the new babies, yet to be named...

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One Week Later Posted By: mscott
Well one week on from my last post and things are cruising. Still no fish from the calamities. But im happy with how it is progressing so im going to share some more pics (Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn't seem to be liking my new phones images)

So bit of a sad update - leopard wrasse didn't end up making it. I thought I had enough time to get it eating properly before I went away. And it was eating still a bit slow compared to the others but started being out a lot more and I thought it would be fine. Housemate was looking after the tank while I was away and said he started acting weird about 2 weeks into the trip. And had stopped...

Skimmer Upgrade Posted By: mscott
Hey guys. Looking to upgrade the skimmer in my ocean free nano 64. Just putting the feelers out there to see if anyone else has done this and which skimmer they used as i keep getting different sizes on all the nano skimmers from different sites so im unsure what fits and what doesnt! Thanks all

I've been using some Zeovit Supplements for a little while. Maybe just under a year, I don't recall when I started exactly. My tank is in the realms of ultra low nutrients and it is a mixed reef, so I'm obviously needing to feed both LPS and SPS concurrently. My general supplement stash consists of: ZeoVit ZeoBak Zeovit Bio-Mate ZeoVit Sponge Power ZeoVit Coral Vitalizer ZeoVit Amino Acid...

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