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What brand of super glue gel do I need to get to use with Knead It Aqua?

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The Move.... Posted By: NiCd
Okay so we are moving and there has been a lot of things running through my head as to what to do with the tank and for the time being, I have settled with moving it as it but with a few tweaks to make life more comfortable and then look at a possible reboot down the track. This is where I am looking at positioning the tank I am looking at plumbing the chiller in the roof space, along with...

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Caught my turbo snails spawning the other night, I was looking at getting some more but is there anything I can do to increase my chances of this spawning turning into baby snails? Was actually really cool to see, all 3 climbed to high points on the rocks and spurted it out into the water column seemed to go on for a while. I think I can see where some of it has landed, on the skimmer intake...

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Hi all, question about what's going on in the tank. Have noticed in the last couple weeks that there are quite a few micro bubbles in the tank, seemingly forming from the rocks and sand bed. On closer inspection I also noticed that there are lots of bubbles trapped within the sand bed and have been getting a fine brown algae and green algae on a lot of my rocks. Usually I'd put it down to a...

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I hope to create a journal here to show a step by step method of attempting to eliminate Bryopsis and Green Hair Algae from my marine 240L tank. I dosed 6 x 200mg capsules of Fluconazole, mixed with tank water and poured into the sump. (It doesn't exactly dissolve, but that's OK). I only made a couple of changes to the system before dosing: 1. I turned off my skimmer - recommended for the first 3...

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Had a couple of nasties crop up lately. Spotted about half a dozen Aptaisia recently and tried to kill them off with injected boiling water but that didn't work (I think they were waiting for a teabag next). So I lashed out and got some Apaisia X, boy that sure did the job - smashed them!!! I've also had a bit of GHA/Bryopsis come out in a couple of spots. I think it may have come in with some...

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Leopard wrasse made an appearance this morning 1 week after he made his grand entrance into the tank. Currently swapping whose hiding in the sand vs who is out with my other wrasse, so not sure if they've met yet Also this morning finally set up the new skimmer, tank's semi decorative trim had to take a hit so I can get it in/ out but I was planning on getting a removable front panel anyway so...

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Hi all, Looks like copper band butterfly but without the long nose.

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So after several weeks of scrubbing live rock and then introducing a clean up crew to combat my GHA problem to no avail, I seen a post on FB mentioning bryopsis so i done a bit of googleing on the interwebs machine and WHADDAYAKNOW... its bryopsis. I done a bit more research and came across a few threads about raising mag to around 1500ppm which it apparently doesn't like. I was a bit concerned...

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Wtb Frags Posted By: IsaReef
Hi, wanting to buy sps frags, Dallas, monti staghorn etc if anyone has some for sale.

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I just want a tank i can swim in..

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Having purged my tank with no supplment addition since the beginning of this year and changing twice the volume of tank water over four months before embarking on this campaign it has been a month since I have started dosing the full range of the new Sustainable Reefs elements , vitamins and amino range. Last year I had great success in colouring up my Sustainable Reefs frags , using the Biggle...

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Come this weekend the tank will be no longer running. I haven't had any motivation to look after the tank for a while now because life gets in the way sometimes! Will be keeping a couple of my long term smaller fish (mainly the clowns) and just running a little set up, which I might make a journal for if I get around to it.

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My beautiful Ric looks to still have a glimmer of life left in it. (That's only about 5mm across) So I'll give it some TLC and persevere with it. If it sticks to the rock I think it has a chance. There's even a smaller piece next to it that may come back also. I've certainly been previously surprised by the way corals can come back from the "dead".

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Having connected to wholesale FB page, i noticed they post up pics with no price and retail LFS snap them by commenting sold Aquaristic, sold RSA, sold Eastwood Aquarium, sold Deer Park etc. But some people, normal customers can sometimes let their LFS know that they wanted that coral and comments Deer Park I want that, Aquaristic i want that, Something Fishy i want that, Le Aquatic I want that...

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