The Reefuge

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Mid Year Update Posted By: daveH
Everything has settled down nicely after the Fluconazole treatment. GHA completely gone and the tank is looking really clean. The SPS are getting good growth, even some smaller pieces that I fragged have encrusted which I put down to the new Radion lights and target dosing. I've recently started dosing with Red Sea Reef Energy A & B and I'm quite impressed with the results. Twice a week I mix up...

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Apex Posted By: Jacques Pels
Hi all , it has been quite a while, but I deemed it best to not bore you with the usual hassles associated with building. We are just into the final finishing stages of our extension to the house. It includes my 3 mtr L x 1.1 mtr W x .9 mtr Deep ) marine tank that is being built now. The plan all along was to use the Apex controller. I am now under the gun to provide details to builder and...

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It Has Begun! Posted By: Wrangy
Welp I had a great tank day today :) I got a water change done, just a smaller 20L basic one with nothing special or siphoning to it lol. Mainly because I had to put 5L into the new reactor to fill it up :) I've got it cranking out the good stuff now with Caribsea ARM media in it! Going to start with the pH set to 7 and slowly work it down from there without changing the effluent flow rate :) And...

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So I got a Tunze 9001 Skimmer for my 2foot tank and I'm not sure it's doing all that much. It has been running for about 3 weeks now and I'm still getting very white clean foam, foam spilling out of the cup, the cup filling up within 5 minutes, bubbles all around the skilmmer. I've been told by the lfs to wait it out and it'll all get better. But surely after almost 3 weeks I would have seen some...

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Hi guys, Can any1 tell wtf has happened to my chalice. All looked ok this morning b4 heading out to work yet I've come home to what I think may be brown jelly on my chalice. Sunday looking beautiful And today looking mangled

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Well the tank is starting to look alright so I don't feel completely horrible about taking pictures of it anymore! The Vibrant is still working it's way through the bubble algae and I can't complain! I'm dosing the Vibrant every Wednesday at about 8-9ml and I do a water change on Saturday and if I hold that off, even a day longer, the tank really doesn't like it lol so I have my schedule set in...

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Just wondering if anyone is still using this as a Kalk replacement? The brand from the original post of Bunnings thing you can use doesn't seem to be available any more There is 2 brands at the moment which I can see on the website anyway might be different in store, Adelaide Brighton Cement Lime 85-95% calcium...

Phosphate Posted By: Susan Bates
Hi I have phoshates for the frist time ever, i have had high nitrates but never phosphates, i have seen seachem have a product called phosnet, has anyone used this yet?

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Huge shout out to my mate @daveH , he made me a platform for my skimmer. Used to use a plastic butter container cut to height in order to get the right level. Dave made me a very nice one out of egg crate. Professional work here guys! Thanks Dave!! You are a legend!

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Heaters Posted By: Susan Bates
Hi I have to buy new heaters, the power keep tripping out all weekend and i found one of the heaters was to blame, are heater just that ........ heaters, or is there a good and bad brand please?

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hi guys, Setting up a nano sps tank and after a metal halide or good led unit. Willing to spend up to about $300 but will need it posted. Thanks

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Gadget Obsessed Posted By: Adam_w
So have a bit of time at work at the moment so thought I'd do a trawl and spend some money on fish-street... Stumbled across this thing----- Looks like a hanging arm you can attach powerheads to, just spins and turns the flow on them. Anyone have it?? Is it worth getting? To me it seems like a cool concept and would help with...

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Hi everyone, I was wondering how many of you have webcams pointed at your tanks? I'd like to get one and would appreciate any recommendations. Considerations: - My upload speed sucks (800-1100kbps) (welcome to Australia sucker!) - Pan/tilt controls would be ideal - IR/Nightvision would be nice, but not a game breaker - If I can connect it to Apex fusion, all the better (but not essential) - I...

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Hey guys noticed this on one of my clowns...brownish spot.....should I be Co corned? Any idea what it us?

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Sea Horses Posted By: Susan Bates
Hi I need some advise for my mother,She has now found herself alone at the age of 80, and decided to start a hobby, always has liked my tanks, so i am trying to help her, she got her first horse and it got it tail caught in the wave maker,and she rang me at 6 this morning crying her horse was dead, anyway the question is do you need wave makers in their tanks, if so, what should we do to stop...

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