The Reefuge

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With the extra width of the new sump I needed 2 par 38 lights but it was impossible to find a double headed gooseneck so I got two holders and attached them to the bottom of my drawer. Put some extenders on the holders to get them nice and close to the chaeto. They also have an elbow so that it makes it easy to change bulbs or bend them out the road to do some work. Wired straight into the drawer...

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How Big A Light? Posted By: Fats
hey everyone. Looking at putting on either an AI prime or AI hydra 26 HD onto my aquaone minireef 150. Its a 150ltr cube. From what i read it seems the prime is bordeline ok this size tank. Since the tank is cube i feel the single ligth of the prime would give an even distribuation where as going the hydra would mean a more rectangluar distribution but obviosuly brighter....anyone used these...

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Hello Everyone, It has been ages since I have posted (almost 18 months). Regrettably, from a reefing point of view, life got in the way since my last post and tank progress stalled. Feel free to read the full post for my reasoning, but the short reason for the post is that I am hoping for some help. I am looking for either: 1) someone with an established tank who has the capacity and skill to...

Well after the introduction of the sand wiped my progress out it is only fit that we pick up and dust ourselves off. To get the excitement underway I purchased a dosing pump, removed the calcium reactor and ready to get all Randy with a new methodology of dosing..... Two STC -1000 controllers have been ordered as well. New fresh water throughout the system....... fish and siporax added from...

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I am moving offices in january and was thinking of putting a nano tank at work. New office faces north so could have the option of a lot of natural light. Current Considerations Nano reef: I could use quite a few frags from my main tank, and maintain it by water changes and forget the skimmer. Planted Tank :Going back to my roots when I kept planted discus tanks, although this was far more...

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Thoughts? and oops I miss spelt maxspect. Does anyone know how many pucks come with the 60cm and the 90cm?

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Hi Y'all, Hope all is well, I came across this and thought oh cute, thought i'd share.

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Well, 48hrs old and everything is going well. The new size certainly looks great. It might not seem bigger but it’s nearly a gain of 200L - the fish certainly appreciate the extra swimming room, especially with nothing on the back wall. ]

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A Good Days Work Posted By: daveH
6 hours from one tank to another. Everything went really well, no dramas, everything survived. Extremely happy with the new layout and setup. Can’t thank Gerhard enough for his huge amount of help.

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Time for an update... The tank is ticking along with no critical issues. About 6 weeks ago I noticed a lot of coralline appearing. It's taken the longest time but a good sign that the tank is maturing. I often wonder if the timeline would be different if live rock was used instead of "real reef". Most corals are doing well, but the acro's could be better. They are growing, but not very quickly....

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Over Due Update Posted By: Jake89
Everything happens at a snails pace with my tank so not a great deal has happened. My crappy jebao gyre pump decided it doesn't want to play the game so I got a replacement tunze 6101 and microcontroller. The thing is huge but on the up side, I can kinda hide it in the rock so I have been playing around with some rock and got some polymorph plastic to see what I can come up with. It also came...

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I picked up my panels yesterday and fitted them to the stand. Came out looking really professional. The 2 PAC guys did a brilliant finish. The cladding ended up costing $80 for the board all cut to size (I got that right luckily) and $150 to paint. Each panel attaches to the frame with 4 magnets and sits on adjustable feet. I still have to align the panels exactly once everything is sitting in...

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Well it was a sad day on the shallows today! About a week ago I discovered that the aefw were still in my tank and so unfortunately it's come to a decision of what to do and I've taken the extreme route! I'm going scorched earth on them this time and I'm completely ridding the tank of all the acro and starving them of their food source. This means that I'm going 10wks of no acro's until mid-late...

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Got some new bits from Gallary the other day, hope they grow out nicely. I also got a beautiful Phoenix but couldn't get a good photo of it.

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So I finally found what I was looking for. A great way to get a morph or a Ric to sit still and attach. Bought this morph trap from Gallary Aquatica.

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