The Reefuge

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Here's a graph from a few weeks ago that is fairly typical of the daily pH swings in this tank. A couple of days ago I made some adjustments and was surprised to see this happen! The changes made on Sunday were: - Clean skimmer (disassemble and clean everything thoroughly) - Remove biopellets - Add NOPOX (10ml per day) - Increase magnesium to 1280pm (was ~1200) My theory is that: -...

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@macca_75 convinced me to take on a couple of Banggai, should of known he was very biased towards these fish however as I purchased 7 of them about 4 years ago and all died it took a lot of convincing. The two i got had been tank bread and looked like they eat well at the shop. In the tank now for the last 4 weeks and 1 eats like a pig however the other did not eat for what seemed to be 2~3...

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For sale: One pair of Kessil mounting arms (as per picture, minus the light). $150 for both Pick up 3058 or post at buyers expense.

Looking back over 2017 it’s been a rather busy year starting with @somethingfishy76 in February deciding to go up to a 4ft tank. Of course another Dennison Seeto custom with PPG (Tiffany glass). Between us it was a decent evenings work moving everything over from his 3ft tank but all went well with no casualties. We had a couple of Reefugees make their way to Brisbane for a visit, @MagicJ and...

2 Replies 3 Likes This could be interesting, especially given the current issues with Hawaii. @ReeferRob any news on this from the US ?

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Hi my tang has red marks on him can anyone help please, looks like red bruising just in front of his white knives on both sides

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Quick question regarding "real reef rock" (eg. the brand name of one type of fake, man-made rock): When broken, this stuff seems very dense. Would it be reasonable to presume that actual live rock (or dry live rock) would provide better conditions for denitrifying bacteria?

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Never had this before.... probably cos I dosed vsv on my tanks and staved it out well before it took hold. I have removed a full Chinese container of GHA today. :cry:rage:cry

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Selling Calcium reactor, CO2 bottle (full of CO2) and Regulator - works fine . $100 Zeo reactor - $40 Eheim filter - $40 working . Pick up preferred (North Sydney 2065)- postage extra

The changes to the Spit look really good. They’ve tidied up the parking and added more access steps. It’s really good for those filling up by the bucket but those with pumps will have to extend their equipment to reach. Great water today as always.

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Currently looking after @somethingfishy76 brilliant tank while he’s away in South Africa visiting his folks. Just dropping in every second day to make sure the system is running smoothly, feed the fish, sock changes, skimmer clean and cuddle the cats. Our systems are very similar so it’s a bit of a no brainer. Very enjoyable.

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The Start Posted By: MTG
So i picked up the tank from @daveH recently and quickly got it home to start planning the build Its 100x50x45 PPG starfire, Rimless and braceless Originally i was going to go eurobrace again but dave thinks i should try rimless again so ill give it a go. In the process of modifying the stand to suit my dosing pump containers and ATO This is where i am up to

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2 Weeks New Posted By: daveH
2 weeks in and I’m amazed at how well the new tank has settled. It looks like it’s been going for ages. The small amount of diatoms I got were quickly cleaned up by the snails. All the parameters are spot on - zero phosphates and nitrates. No die off and no losses. All the fish are healthy and certainly seem to be enjoying the extra room. The two Radion 15’s certainly seem to be pushing out...

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So after discovering these awesome morph/ric traps, I decided to get four and finally be able to frag my rick without loosing three pieces... twice now I've fragged this ric and each time I only end up with one. hahaha its funny but its not... So this time none of them will get blown away. Please excuse the terrible photo, Iphone 5's take bad shots under evening lights.

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New Fish!!! Posted By: Wrangy
Sooooooo I took a few frags to Deer Park on the weekend which helped out in my mass spending spree but I walked out with 4 amazing fish. Two I'd put on hold the previous week and a pair that I simply couldn't help myself! I ended up walking out with a gorgeous Colini angelfish, the teeny tiniest little blotched anthia you've ever seen and a pair of juvenile flame hawks...

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