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Latest video is live. This one hopefully dispels some myths about automatic water changes. If you've been on the fence about doing this for your reef, definitely watch along!

Thoughts Posted By: ryan1986
So I was looking at my tank today and I noticed on the hammer I picked up 10days ago there is some growth at the back. Want peoples thoughts on what it could be.

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If you had happened upon my previous journal entries you would know that a few weeks ago my clumsiness resulted in my LED light taking a short swim in my tank. Skip down the bottom if you just want to see what I got. :) The previous Maxspect was a good light for me for quite a while. I could of done with a second light to better, or more evenly, light my cube tank, but overall with a few minor...

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At home with gastro today, so between trips to the loo, figured I'd play with my GoPro and camera slider. Here is the result:

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New Addition Posted By: daveH
I’ve been wanting to add another fish and have been tossing up between a few. Finally decided on a great looking Gold Rim Tang. He has settled in surprisingly well, eating everything and swimming happily around his new home.

So after my Jaebo dosing pump was failing and nearly killed all my SPS, all but one have made a comeback An issue i was having was it would never dose the correct ammount no matter how much calibraiton i did, i had an old bubble magus laying around with a faulty MB, swapped the motors on the Jaebo with the BM pumps and now its amazing. Supper accurate dosing every-time, it was so easy to do as...

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2018-04-07 17.08.27-1.jpg
Mtg Tj April 18 Posted By: MTG
Havent put much time into this tank since setting it up, I just leave it auto dosing and check the levels once a month (lazy i know) Plan to get more on top of it by the end of the year but this is how it is at the moment Sorry for just the basic phone pics not my usual standard but you get the idea

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Ive been busy over the last few weeks trying to launch Its about ready to go minus a few small bugs, feel free to hop and and get an account and look at the early access version.

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So after a bit of a head scratch and much encouragement from @daveH, I decided to get a Powder Blue tang. Introduced him in the dead of night with all lights off. He's going fantastic and already eats with the others with no fighting at all. I'm so stocked!!

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As always, am going to fall back to my fellow crew here in Reefuge as I trust you the most; definitely more than FB. I am going to give Peppermint Shrimps a chance here but if that doesn't work, should I lemon or Aiptasia X? What's the safest option? Don't want to spoil the water params as much if I can and don't mind doing it gradually as long as it is the safest option. Let me know your...

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Led Question Posted By: ryan1986
Ok so in my redsea max 250 I have 6x39w t5 globes that need replacing. I found a 2ft 90w led light with sunrise timer for $60 Not full spectrum just blue and white. Just wondering if people think it would be worth removing say 4-5 t5 globes and fitting this in the hood and leaving 1 or 2 globes which i could run more an arctic or blue plus globe to give extra spectrum. Or would it be a total...

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Don't know what; I'm not a noble person; when I see bleached BTA, the first thing that sprung to mind is not "how do I nurture that nem back to its original state/colouration" .. on contrary, I find the pastel soft transparent colour to be pretty. I know majority of you like the healthy bold coloured BTA; don't get me wrong, I do too ... but I don't mind some bleached BTA on the tank .. it sort...

My Flame Hawk has a new perching buddy in the tank.

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Hi all, had the luxury of visiting two amazing tanks over the last two weekends to take some snaps of their fish. Popped a few of my favourite shots together in a quick video for you all to enjoy Yes, there is some SUPER rare fish in this lot.

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Ok so i have noticed the front part of my sand is getting moved away from the wavemaker and I'm not keen on how its looking with the glass on bottom. Any tip or tricks on wavemaker placement to give coral flow but not blow sand around.

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