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Hey guys I'm thinking of selling a tunze 6015 wavemaker and a fluval 305 canister filter just seeing if anyone would be interested in buying them. I'm south east melbourne

Ok so atm im only PLANING my fish selection with this being my first large reef tank (redsea max 250) All fish suggestions and advice welcome. But the mrs has made it know she wants a fairy wrasse or two. I thought about getting clowns to start. Then a blenny. Followed by wrasse. Then once tank is more stable MABY a yellow tang. Flame angle and a mandarin. But these are just thoughts. So...

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Wtb Rock Posted By: ryan1986
Hey all I'm trying to buy some cheap live/curred/dried or dead rock for my new tank. Wanting to buy approx 15-25kg. It's for a red sea max 250. I'm in south east Melbourne

Hello Everyone, As my vision for the soft reboot of my tank starts to take shape in my head I am looking to pass on a few things. All on the following list are free if you are able to make it to Sydney's Inner West to pickup. * 4 x orange morphs - one on a frag plus (6cm), plus two (8cm) and one (4cm) that I will be chiselling off a rock that I wish to keep * 1 x blue morph - used to be about...

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New But Old. Posted By: ryan1986
Hi all I haven't had a marine tank in about 3 years. I was lucky enough to pick up a red sea max 250 for cheap so here I am. I was looking for advice on setting up the skimmer hoses properly. Was also looking to see if anyone is selling some dried rock or live rock cheap. Want about 15kg. P.s I'm in south east Victoria (cranbourne)

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Hello Everyone, I bought some livestock (corals, fish, lr) from a local reefer shutting down his tank. I found a tiny (5-6mm) pistol shrimp in one of the lr pieces. Would anyone in Sydney (location Innee West) like him for free? Also, have a gorgeous clown fish I was going to keep, but have decided to part with (don't want to risk upsetting the existing 2 Percula that are happily hosting in...

Hey, quick question. I'm looking to buy my lighting from Germany (sewatec) and was wondering if i would face any additional charges when the product reached australia. The lights are worth over $1000. I don't need to pay their tax, so shipping looks like the only additional charge, i read somewhere about import charges and just wondering if it applies, if so is it cheap.

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Stc-1000 Posted By: potatocouch
Is this thing any good, @Sam Parker ?

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As you might know, I now own a pair of juveniles clown fish and would like to start their diet right from their younger days. From a quick research, I understand that Astaxanthin and Beta-Carotene seems to boost the orange coloration. It looks like TDO Chroma Boost (in USA) contains the optimal 400ppm of Astaxanthin however their shipping to Australia will cost $100 :banghead In your...

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Hi, this may be a stupid question, but do you need to pull the pipes apart , like return pipe and such, to clean them, i was wondering if they get a build up of stuff in them and slow down the turn over of the water

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The girls and I watched this amazing documentary on Saturday. Awe inspiring and humbling and saddening at various stages. Loved seeing all the varied naturally occuring scapes, the interaction of the multitude of creatures, the cycle of life, the way the fish and corals spawn to increase their survival chances, the sheer abundance and variety of underwater life shown. We found ourselves gasping...

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It has been 17 months since I last updated this journal and quite a bit has happened, some good, some bad. Warning - its a bit of a long story. Let me get THE BAD out of the way first. A few months after my last update things were going really well with the tank - params low/stable and all fish fat and happy. Decided to ramp back up to a mixed reef, so added a small number of softies and LPS....

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Lights Posted By: Jacques Pels
A lot has been happening from all sides, and the aquarium too. Final major issue to resolve is the lights, as it is pretty critical . I have been researching, asking, and looking. Thanks Sam, Dave and Fishy for your inputs. Much appreciated, really ! Halides - Sam is very much a Halides man, and can justify it with facts and results. Fishy - is LED with those great Radion Gen 4 lights. Lesley...

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Hi all, Trying to make my tank is as stable as possible so want to ensure that I have the required equipment to keep it running smoothly to keep nitrates and phosphates down. Right now there's 22 Marine Pure balls, a Coral Box S150 skimmer, filter sock, and a small bag of Seachem's Phosguard (30ml) running in there. I empty the skimmer cup as needed and change the filter sock out every week...

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Do you see anything odd with this picture? don't mind the TV reflection :D Day 1: tumbling around the tank; almost got minced by the wavemaker so went to bunnings to cover them. Day 2: stay most of the days in 1 spot then floats again. Day 3: Upside down (face down) onto sand substrate and didn't (can't) fix itself up; waited for 2 hours and pulled my sleeve up to help the guy; attached it...

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