The Reefuge

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Hey guys feel like I've been spamming the forums lately, I'm really struggling to moving to SPS corals from LPS I've been keeping my LPS fine for ages now and managed to keep a birdsnest and some other stylophora coral for maybe 6-8months (they died in summer before i realised i needed a chiller) Recently decided to try again and added a small frag of the strawberry shortcake acro and it was...
Quick video shot on my phone (just missed the halide light period, so the colours look odd courtesy of apple...). Still, worth a watch :)

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Hey all, I did a quick review of the new aquaforest test kits. If you are interested, check out the vids :) Magnesium: Alkalinity: Calcium: Cheers! Sam

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tank fts June 2017E .jpg
Mtg June Fts Posted By: MTG
Brand new bulbs in! 2x coral plus 2x blue plus 1x aqua blue special 1x purple plus

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Hey guys. Been the better part of a few years now since I've had the reef. But finally the chance has come for me to put a tank up again. I've got my hands on an older ocean free nano 64L and a place to put it. But now the tricky part. Last time you all heard from me i was living in Melbourne. But now im a tasweigen after moving in with my partner. And now to the reef. Are there any places that...

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Fts - Rescape Posted By: slin1977

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Hi all, Just wanting to know if I should be concerned about what is growing on my hammer. Noticed these after I dipped it. There are quite a few on it. TIA

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New light go on the new tank today, any advise as to how far off the water line to hang them? tank is 4x2x2

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T5 Posted By: Susan Bates
Hi I have added fluo fitting to one of my tanks that i am running maxspect razor on, to supplement it, and I have been reading a bit about what sort of T5 tubes to use in it, but of course I am now confused, can anyone please give me some advise

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Hi just wondering if anyone has had any problems with fish street, I ordered a skimmer 3 weeks ago and it has not even been sent yet, I have emailed 3 times and have had no answer, and on top of that they took $100 more from my account than the invoice stated :(

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Hey so I know a few of you really like the fish street stuff.. I bought a moon LED a while back and its starting to malfunction. The white channel is stuck on 100% all the time regardless of the schedule on the controller, I've tried resetting and all the fixes suggested by Eric. He's offered to send me a new light (of the upgraded model for $100USD) so use in the meantime and the option for my...

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Rodi Filter Posted By: Adam_w
Today tested water from my RODI, came out 100TDS I've had it for over a year now and it didn't even cross my mind that it had been this long :( Tank started to get some Cyano build up and algae growth, nothing major changed aside from adding a new fish so went on a mission to find the cause WAS THE DAMN TOP UP WATER Anyway just a reminder for me as well as the rest of you if you make your own...

Anemone Id Posted By: shaidas
Is this a majano or a BTA.. hitchikers on the live rock.. look like majano

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I wanted a peninsula Style aquarium about 250-350 litres and more on the shallow side then more previous aquariums so i decided on 1200 x 450 x 450 mm The closest thing on the market to what i want is a Red Sea Reefer Peninsula P500 but its a little over my budget and not 100% what i wanted so i decided to make one myself. I wanted to ability to easily change the cabinetry to suit whatever the...

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Hey everyone, I have the aquaone minireef 150 tank and has been running about 9months. I've got 2 questions I was hoping people could help me with. 1) I've got the stock g216 skimmer and would like to upgrade to something quiter if that's possible and although I don't find it does a terrible, im sure there are skimmers that do a far better job 2) I would like to add a refugium sometime soon, but...

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