The Reefuge

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Time for an update... The tank is ticking along with no critical issues. About 6 weeks ago I noticed a lot of coralline appearing. It's taken the longest time but a good sign that the tank is maturing. I often wonder if the timeline would be different if live rock was used instead of "real reef". Most corals are doing well, but the acro's could be better. They are growing, but not very quickly....

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Over Due Update Posted By: Jake89
Everything happens at a snails pace with my tank so not a great deal has happened. My crappy jebao gyre pump decided it doesn't want to play the game so I got a replacement tunze 6101 and microcontroller. The thing is huge but on the up side, I can kinda hide it in the rock so I have been playing around with some rock and got some polymorph plastic to see what I can come up with. It also came...

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I picked up my panels yesterday and fitted them to the stand. Came out looking really professional. The 2 PAC guys did a brilliant finish. The cladding ended up costing $80 for the board all cut to size (I got that right luckily) and $150 to paint. Each panel attaches to the frame with 4 magnets and sits on adjustable feet. I still have to align the panels exactly once everything is sitting in...

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Well it was a sad day on the shallows today! About a week ago I discovered that the aefw were still in my tank and so unfortunately it's come to a decision of what to do and I've taken the extreme route! I'm going scorched earth on them this time and I'm completely ridding the tank of all the acro and starving them of their food source. This means that I'm going 10wks of no acro's until mid-late...

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Got some new bits from Gallary the other day, hope they grow out nicely. I also got a beautiful Phoenix but couldn't get a good photo of it.

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So I finally found what I was looking for. A great way to get a morph or a Ric to sit still and attach. Bought this morph trap from Gallary Aquatica.

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fuge 1.JPG
So I wanted a bigger Fuge area because the smaller ball I had going was doing a great job. So I taped up the glass, got @daveH to hold the water hose and I cut the glass with a grinder. Bit of a rough approach but it came out pretty good. Now I have my skimmer upstream of the Cheato and this eliminates any bits ending up in the skimmer pin wheel. From this... To this... Since I did this...

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worm 3.JPG
So I bought one of these Brissle worm catchers. I recon keeping the numbers down cant hurt.

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Build Pics Posted By: ReeferRob
Here are some pics of M's stand, mine should be getting wet next weekend. They're replacing the 60 cube and 93 cube we had before. The tangs are growing and needed to stretch their fins a little. Pete the Purple tang has been with us for almost 3 years now. Dunno why that hood pic looks bowed, but it isn't. Here are a few pics of the fill and critters. Crackers and Stripey.

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Clown Fish Posted By: Susan Bates
So excited, my clown layed eggs and her mate is spawning them:D

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Can anyone confirm if this is a chalice or Monty, i picked it up this week. The top looks like a chalice but the its much thinner then any other chalice i have

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Hi All, As the title suggest am looking at a new tank. I previously had a simplish 4ft set up with a standard corner weir. Currently I am tossing up getting a new larger unit. Options are either a Red Sea Reefer 625XXL or a Cade PR1500 or obviously a custom set up for a similar size. They all have pros and cons, Pro of the Reefer and Case system is I dont have to think about much to set it up...

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Hi all, I’m considering trying Biopellets. Any advice that you can give? Sam? Cheers

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Hi I have a leak in my return pipe on the join, what is safe to repair this with please

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It's been 3 months since my last here we go. We were away for 3 weeks last month and had a algae breakout before that, so we've been taking it very slow but there are a few new inhabitants in the tank. We've been having an issue with the Turbos that we added just over 3 months ago. We added 5 and we're down to only 2 left now. We keep having an issue where they seem to be getting...

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