Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by ryan1986, Apr 3, 2018.

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  1. ryan1986

    ryan1986 Member

    Night lights ??? Think I need to replace them.

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  2. NiCd

    NiCd Lead Moderator

    Its hard to tell from photos how bright things are but if your photo is anything to go by it appears that you can see everything in the tank under the dull light.

    Despite all the hype, moonlights are really just aesthetic for your own purposes.

    These really are just so you can go out in the middle of the night and see your corals glowing away with their polyps right opened up in feeding mode, all the pods dancing around, your cleaner and pep shrimps scavaging away and so your jaw drops as you realise that there are 10^586x as many snails and brittle stars as you actually thought you had in your tank.

    It really is a personal preference, mine run through the lowest setting on a couple of 3w LEDs and that gives you a really clear overview of the tank.

    In daylight, you couldn't tell they are even on but at night that is bright enough that it also lights up the whole living, hall and had the new neighbours talking between themselves about the mysterious blue glow that comes from our house at night.

    With a couple of young kids, it can make it hard to get them down and id ideally love it if it was actually about a 1/4 as bright they are.

    The tank I set up at my oldies place runs 1 t5 at night and they love for the reason of it lighting up the house at night, the snails, fish and corals all take this to be night time.

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