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Discussion in 'General Reef Related Discussion' started by jart, Dec 1, 2017.

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  1. jart

    jart Member

    Hello Everyone,

    It has been ages since I have posted (almost 18 months). Regrettably, from a reefing point of view, life got in the way since my last post and tank progress stalled.

    Feel free to read the full post for my reasoning, but the short reason for the post is that I am hoping for some help. I am looking for either:

    1) someone with an established tank who has the capacity and skill to adopt my four fish (yellow tang, kole tang, coral beauty and yellow assessor). They all get along with each other really well and have been in my tanks together for about 2.5 years; or

    2) someone who has the ability and willingness to fish-sit my fish for a couple of weeks over part of the coming school holidays

    I am located in the Inner West of Sydney, NSW.

    THE REASONS for the above:

    * two of my favourite tank denizens mysteriously died in late 2016 - my citronus goby and my CBS :( This resulted in my overall passion for the tank waning for a number of weeks

    * life got in the way and I never got a chance to start up a proper collection of coral - a couple of morphs continue to thrive, but they have remained the only corals

    * finally got to a life point where I could commit the time/energy to get the tank humming again, but then had a number of equipment failures over the course of about a month (skimmer, 1 of 2 wavemakers, ATO, heater) - financially only able to replace the heater as it was essential

    * so for 5 months or so I have been running essentially a FOWLR (and disabled the sump). Only 4 fish in my 3ft shallow cube, a decent amount of LR, not overfeeding and water changes. Fish are fat and happy

    * However due to the equipment failures I have no redundancy if my last wavemaker goes down (currently serving to create flow and also agitate surface)

    * I am going away for a short while during part of the upcoming school holidays and my friend who I trust to look after the tank has moved far away earlier this year

    Thanks for reading.

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