Invertebrates I Have Soft Spot For Bleached Bta

Discussion in 'General Reef Related Discussion' started by potatocouch, Apr 16, 2018 at 12:10 PM.

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  1. potatocouch

    potatocouch Member

    Don't know what; I'm not a noble person; when I see bleached BTA, the first thing that sprung to mind is not "how do I nurture that nem back to its original state/colouration" .. on contrary, I find the pastel soft transparent colour to be pretty.

    I know majority of you like the healthy bold coloured BTA; don't get me wrong, I do too ... but I don't mind some bleached BTA on the tank .. it sort of gives you that contrast in color and theme.

    I am no BTA expert and I won't be surprised if one day someone told me, the reasoning why bleached coloured BTA shouldn't be purchased.

    What's your thoughts on bleached BTA? Those that am referring to is still the bubbly shaped, healthy looking nem and not mushy ones.

    awww_reef2reef_com_attachments_bta4_218x150_jpg_722355__.jpg awww_reef2reef_com_attachments_images_1_jpg_722351__.jpg awww_reef2reef_com_attachments_images_jpg_722353__.jpg awww_reef2reef_com_attachments_20180415_213954_01_jpeg_722334__.jpg

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