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Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by Ben Daley, Aug 2, 2017.

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  1. Ben Daley

    Ben Daley /dev/null

    Ok, it's no longer July but I was late to the party with this update...

    Aquascape changes

    The aquascape wasn't working out as I'd hoped.
    My scollys have not done well in this tank and I suspect water flow was a big part of that.
    Since moving them into their new nook (RH side of the tank, just left of the Chromis) they have puffed up a bit. The warpaint on the sand is quite damaged (can see bone on the edges) but hopefully it will recover with some TLC.
    Anyway, pleased I did this - everything seems quite happy, although I might need to find a better spot for the gold torch (next to the wrasses tail)

    Flucanozole treatment

    The tank was dosed with Flucanozole to kill off Bryopsis earlier this month - it did the trick nicely.

    After the treatment, I experienced a bacterial bloom; there was a lot of white slime but no cloudiness. It almost caused the tank to flood three times :rage
    I don’t believe that the Flucanozole was responsible - my theory is:

    1. The skimmer was turned off during the treatment but the biopellet reactor was left online.
    2. The day prior to visible signs of the bloom I bagged up some loose siporax which added lots of particulates to the water column.
    3. The bacteria that should have been pulled out by the skimmer feasted on the mess in the water.

    It took 5 days to come back to normal once the skimmer was back online.
    Good lessons were learned. I’ve now dealt with the points of failure that almost caused the flood. Still thanking my lucky stars that I caught it each time before it happened.

    Triton results

    This tank has been on a no water change regimen. I'd really, really like to get this to work, but unfortunately I'm not there yet. Today I received Triton results (tested before the dosing changes) - looks like water changes will be happening.


    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Wrangy

    Wrangy Member

    Looks great! Fazntastic to hear another success story with Fluc treatment :)
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