Some Time Later

Discussion in 'Nano Reef Tanks' started by mscott, Sep 24, 2017.

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  1. mscott

    mscott Member

    Well after cruising along nicely a snag... it came in the form of a filter feeding cucumber. Who, once acclimated decided it was a good time to release a few thousand eggs smothing the tank. Killed all of the fish and most of the sps. One hardy Monty frag survived it all. During the whole experience none of the parameters shifted at all (that i caught) so my belief is that it literally smothered them.

    So now the tank is fish less. But the LPS and softies are looking spectacular.

    FTS to come
    IMG_20170923_222059_192.jpg IMG_20170923_222059_188.jpg IMG_20170923_222059_186.jpg

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