The Reefuge

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Trouble Posted By: mscott
Well...all i can really say is im in trouble. Add onto that that im an idiot as well. Cycle complete check First fish check Then everything under the name of the sun including a nem...check Well im in for a struggle soon and i know that much but for now we are cruising. With a baserock start and a drop off look to the scape weve got a good looking tank. A pair of percs a scooter blenny and a...

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Macro Video Posted By: Sam Parker
Hi all, thought I best share a video I made recently as a bit of a challenge from an old mate Michael Park. We often try to push each other along photography wise and have mini challenges now and then like this one. Anyway, sit back, ensure you are watching in HD and full screen and enjoy!

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About 4 months old now, any suggestions welcome

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tank fts August 2017E .jpg
Quick FTS as it currently stands Had issues with something eating my rhodactus... Sorry for the shit pic under exposed it so a little dull

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Ticking Along Posted By: slin1977
Wow my life has been busy lately, can see that from not posting a journal update for over 6 weeks. So what's been happening? I had a great job that I really enjoyed, however that ended on 1 July when the contracts between companies were not extended for the next term. But as they say when one door closes..... I ended up starting a new job with a lot of challenges. I can only hope that it...

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Algae Id? Posted By: Fats
Hey so not sure if this is algae or some other thing... It kinda looks like brown sand and it grows on my rocks and sand and glass and there is alot more if it in the areas Of The tanks with less flow.....any ideas what it is? I originally assumed it was diatoms but after looking at some pics on google I'm starting to think it's not. Nitrate 1ppm phosphate 0.02ppm and tank is 11months old.

17 Replies Take a look at the video. I dont think thats what did the damage to the boy's legs but curious to know if anyone have these in their tank and what are they. Dont look like any of the common pests but I am pretty sure I have a load of these things in my tank

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Gippsland Reefers

So basically I thought too hard now I'm too far down the rabbit hole and and confused myself I've been reading a lot up on Carbon dosing slin said I should try Zeobak and Zeostart so looking at picking some up after my holiday just going to let the tank cruise until I can spend some more time on it. Just after reading through stuff like this the bacteria seems to eat up the nitrate and...

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July Update Posted By: Ben Daley
Ok, it's no longer July but I was late to the party with this update... Aquascape changes The aquascape wasn't working out as I'd hoped. My scollys have not done well in this tank and I suspect water flow was a big part of that. Since moving them into their new nook (RH side of the tank, just left of the Chromis) they have puffed up a bit. The warpaint on the sand is quite damaged (can see...

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The Set Up Posted By: Dlealrious
So i decided to start up another tank after shutting down my FOWRL due to possibly moving house. My first tank was given to me by a friend which was 1200x600x450 which i had looking really nice until it crashed(Skimmer overflowed to waste and ATO kept filling fresh water) Then i upsized that to a cheap 5x2x2 which ended up being FOWRL as friend was luckily able to save my fish from the crash on...

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Hi Guys, Just rang a few places around Brisbane to quote up a new 6' x 2' x 2' tank I'm hoping to set up in my new place late this year. I thought I'd try and aim high with this tank and get a few addons: - Full Eurobracing - no bridges - Polished corners without strips - Starphire/low-iron glass on the front 6x2 pane and both side 2x2 panes - Three holes pre-drilled with external overflow Got...

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I think this has been asked before but i can not find the thread, I have brown powder like over walls and sand and some of my corals are looking brown, what can i do please, nit 10 ,phos 0.03,

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Obviously I'm referring to our hobby. Thought I'd invite comments on the current sale on MASA of a Clarion Angelfish, a Japanese Pygmy Angelfish and a Hybrid Ebili/Lemonpeel Angel. I'm not promoting the add, especially as it would only be relevant to a small number of people, and those people would probably have become aware of the add before this post. Would you pay so much for fish? (I...

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Hey so my new coral box keeps getting loud...its about 3 weeks old now, And every few days I have to pull it apart and re-seat the impeller as it gets loud. Once I re-seat it's near silent again but only for like 2-3 days......any suggestions/anyone also found this?

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