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Hey guys, The notebook has nearly run out of pages so it's time I joined to modern age. What app/software is everyone running. My main want is somewhere to record test results and be able to quickly view/trend/graph past results. Diaries/pictures/equipment/everything else is a bonus. It would be nice if it were a phone app (Andriod) but also cloud based so it can be accessed via a web...

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My Maxspect R420r is failing. I am in the process of getting prices to replace the LEDs and also finding out some prices if I can buy a new light (my husband had previously agreed to buying a new light but now he is saying he would rather I replace the LEDs... It's easy for him... he's not the one committing illegal acts of electrical repair...) In the meantime, I found myself wondering whether...

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New Year, New... Posted By: ezza
Hey all... You would hope that things would be all shiny and new by now. Last year was my epic year of sickness with Pneumonia that just seemed to last forever. I got sick in April 2017 and while my chest was clear by June, my sinuses were blocked for the rest of the year and I kept having relapses. I finally took my last antibiotic tablet yesterday. I am hoping my body will have strength to keep...

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Looks like my tank is starting to go through it's diatoms and green hair algae cycles now. Lots of the rock work is covered in the diatoms and there's even some green hair algae growing on the rocks as well. I know it's part of the normal cycle process, but I've read where some say you should let it run it's course as it's standard for a new tank, and some say that there could be something wrong...

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Montipora Posted By: Susan Bates
Hi every one, I have a montipora that started getting a white spot in the middle of it and it is growing bigger, any ideas please

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Just In Posted By: Ben Daley
So this arrived last night - I really like it.

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At the end of 2017 I sold all my corals, except Zoas and Acans in preparation to moving from Sydney to Gold Coast. This time I wanted to try something different from my previous Wild Colonies Mixed Reef with and decided I was going to do a SPS dominated, with aquaculture animals as much as possible. Coincidently, I couldn't have moved to a better place to meet that style of reefing. There are 2...

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Not much to update (well not much positive anyway). A while ago I had an issue and my salinity dropped to 1.020 for a few weeks. By the time I got on top of it I had lot a lot of my softies. Since them I seem to be battling a never ending fight with Algae, Dino's, PO4 and NO3. Still fighting it, but at least things have stabilised. That's not the thing that's is the most disheartening, it's...

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It's Alive!! Posted By: pvancomp

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So @daveH and I did it... we both ordered the new Radion defusers as reviewed by BRSTV. After seeing better par figures and reduction in caustic shimmer. We knew this will be a great upgrade to an incredible light. I simply can not be happier!! It’s like a T5 but still a LED and the blend is just so beautiful and consistent. Pulling the covers off you can instantly see the fine individual light...

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So on boxing Day my tank turned a year old. As there isn't much to report I thought I attempt a video.. Forgive the camera

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Quick update, no real news to report. Dallas had started to block flow and shade things a fair bit, so I took 200+ frags off it just after taking these images. It'll no doubt grow back fairly quickly though!

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Hi. We added our first salt water Jan 18 to 22. Water is returning via the 3 center overflow pipes ( 50mm each) to the sump, going through 3 200 micron filter socks, then some coral rubble media. The Skimmer is here but not yet turned on. Added a few pieces of old fishing bait fish on Jan 18, which have become blobs of 'jelly' by now.

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Hi all, I put this live rock in the tank to start the cycle on Saturday and yesterday noticed 2 of these little guys coming out when the lights go on. I gave the rocks a quick rinse in water before putting it in the tank and lots of worms came out, but didn't see these until yesterday. They don't look like aiptasia so I'm hoping it's just a frag of a coral that is stuck on the rock. Has anyone...

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Hi guys, been lurking on here for a while reading lots of posts to refresh my memory on how to run a SW tank and not rely on the LFS too much like I used to. Seen lots of info on here and the forum seems really friendly as well. Used to have a 200L mixed reef before but shut it down due to life changes and waited for everything to settle down before setting a new one up again. Got ourselves an...

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