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3 questions: What's normally prettier and brighter in their orange color? Percula or Occy? How much do they cost these days (as a pair)? Do you know where I can get one (pair) these days?

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Jebao Rw 15 Posted By: Adam_w
Hellooo Anyone good with these pumps? I just unplugged mine to do a tidy up on some cabling and I cant get it to come back on. Cleaning it off now to see if I can pull it apart and find something jamming it I'm running it with the Wifi controller thing from fish street, if anything has any ideas that'd be mighty helpful. Thanks :)

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I now own my pièce de résistance! A fish I have been waiting a very long time to get my hands on! Something I have dreamed of and drooled over. I absolutely adore the Roaps family of butterflies and while Tinkers and Mitratus are a little out of my budget range, this gorgeous guy was not! @Deerpark Aquarium is the bestest of the best! May I introduce to you, Burger, the chaetodon burgessi or...

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Some Time Later Posted By: mscott
Well after cruising along nicely a snag... it came in the form of a filter feeding cucumber. Who, once acclimated decided it was a good time to release a few thousand eggs smothing the tank. Killed all of the fish and most of the sps. One hardy Monty frag survived it all. During the whole experience none of the parameters shifted at all (that i caught) so my belief is that it literally smothered...

Why do we keep doing this? I've decided to go as big as I can without eurobracing. 1200 x 700 x 500. I'll be putting my order in with Dennison again. PPG glass of course. I'm really looking forward to giving the fish some more swimming room. Got my heavy duty feet and will order the stand next week from the guy who built my current one.

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Hello my lovely pretties, This post was spurred by Couch Potatoes recent post regarding vinegar dosing. When you are dosing or otherwise mucking about with your tank, do you go off the amount of water you have in your tank or by the tank volume? Do many of you know how much water your tank contains? For example, my tank is 180 L, but I have only about 130 L water in there. So, if you are...

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I dosed NoPox in the past and great result. I know v14 is received positive raves. but I'm tight on budget and still want to carbon, hence Vinegar. When dosing Vinegar, would the amount of Vinegar dosed be dependent upon the current state of No3? I am on CADE HL600 (equates to approx 50 gallons in this chart) ... haven't test No3 for a while now ... but if I am to start this Randy's Vinegar...

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Dame Just received my new reactor from fish street and it will not fit in my sump no matter what i try

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Smart Ato Posted By: Buddy
So I have just moved house and was in the process of putting my tank back together when I noticed my dog had decided to eat my Tunze Osmolator 3155 :banghead It was starting to play up anyways after all these years. Anyways, I want to get one of the Smart ATO since my tank is much smaller now. Does anyone know the best place to source this? Is there any difference between the normal version and...

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4 months into my journey with the Reefer 525 and I am still very much in love with this tank. All has been going quite well considering I'm still quite new to the marine world. Needing to do a little rescape this weekend to get some of the coral off the sand bed as there is a little bit of build up around a few of the coral but am happy to date. The addiction of this hobby is absolutely insane...

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So I got the camera and the tripod out tonight after my water change and holy sh!t do the right settings make a difference haha. The tank is still progressing really well, the fish are happy and loving their constant feeding lol and I'm going to start stocking a little more happily and with some more goodies! Alk consumption is starting to increase fairly steadily too which is amazing!! I haven't...

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It's a dark day for me When my tank burst & I lost so much I honestly thought that was going to be my worst day reefing ever ! But unfortunately this is now the most gut wrenching post I will ever have to make 14 weeks ago my husband of 31yrs married 39yrs together woke up and suddenly realised he didn't love me anymore So I've left the home and had visitation with the tank twice a week...

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This looks pretty interesting.

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Enjoy :)

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Can I vacuum substrate with water going straight back into tank through filter sock?

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