3 Month Update

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by Dlealrious, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. Dlealrious

    Dlealrious Member

    3 Months went by pretty quick. Still no fish but i have been looking for the last few weeks. Im currently looking for a Kole Tang for my first fish or anything small and bright. Even a cool goby or blenny but one with some colour. I really didn't want to just buy a fish for the sake of it.
    I have been dosing KN03(Potassium Nitrate) for the last 2 weeks and i finally have some colour come up when i test nitrates. Phosphates are still unreadable on Salifert. Will get a hanna checker in a few months after a get a fish.
    Also started dosing PCS last week. getting really good polyp extension on the SPS already.

    Arrangement of coral positions are still changing apart from SPS on top rocks. The tank gets a bit of flow so i cant have zoas or acans in most areas as they get hammered a bit, so still playing around with some positions of these.
    Finally got the knack of gluing corals down. First i bought normal super glue and got it all over the base of a couple of my acro frags, luckily it doesnt look like it hurt them too much, just has massive white patched now :( Bought some corafix now which is soo much easier! Also Aqua Knead seems to of hurt my plating monti, where i pushed it to rock ended up killing the coral a bit and its browned out and die. I hope it doesnt spead now though.

    I would like some suggestions for corals to place on the far end of the tank where i have a few chalice, this gets the flow that bounces off the glass so zoas and acans don't really like it, was thinking maybe Monti's of different colours. Any other suggestions.
    Par is around 120-180 there too,

    as19.postimg.org_4m18pv933_DSC02524.jpg as19.postimg.org_opg9o6bpb_DSC02498.jpg
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