Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by Ben Daley, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. Ben Daley

    Ben Daley /dev/null

    For the past 2 weeks I have been away on holiday.

    While in Vietnam, we did a bit of snorkelling around Cham Island (off the coast from Hoi an) and saw some huge leather corals. With the exception of Porities sp., there where few stony corals here, but we did see some cool fish (clown tangs; cleaner, melanarus, lunar wrasse; tomato, skunk clown; and even a spotted box fish).



    Mainstream / Western tourism hasn't made it here yet and as such, neither has the food. it was interesting to see a variety animals common in our tanks were on the menu (trochus/turbo snails, holothurians, mantis shrimp and linkia sea stars).

    I came home last Wednesday to find my tank not looking too great. A few quick tests showed KH of 5.8dKH and Calcium at 600ppm :eek Aside from unhappy acros and montis, everything else appears to be ok. I've been slowly bringing the KH back up (10ppm per day) and things are looking a lot better.

    Bad news!
    I discovered a pair of tiny white nudibranchs on a frag of Sunset Montipora last night, which has lost ~50% of it's tissue :cry The nudi was removed in a dip but I'm concerned about eggs - any advice for shutting these little pricks down? My current plan is to dip the frag 2x per week for 3 weeks (hoping to get future generations).

    In other news:
    • Ordered my first triton test (while post the results when they come in, embarrassing or otherwise)
    • Spotted loads of pods on the glass yesterday - would like to add a pair of mandarins in 6-9 months so conscious of the pod population
    • Added a pair of porcelain crabs on Friday. They seem to be ignoring the existing one. My partner has named the trio "Steve Buscemi", "Margo Martindale" and "Ian McShane" :rofl
    • Algae situation much better. P04 tested at 0.04ppm.
    • Picked up a box of Fluconazole (27 x 200mg = $40) to deal with Bryopsis. Both doctor and chemist very amused.
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  2. Mattres

    Mattres Member

    Look like there was plenty to look at during the snorkle!
    Seeing the tank for the first time after a holiday is always nerve racking.
    At least nothing crazy happened with the tank and everyone is accounted for. Pretty good to come back to a lower PO4 level to!

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