September Update

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by Adam_w, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. Adam_w

    Adam_w Member

    So bit of a sad update - leopard wrasse didn't end up making it.

    I thought I had enough time to get it eating properly before I went away. And it was eating still a bit slow compared to the others but started being out a lot more and I thought it would be fine. Housemate was looking after the tank while I was away and said he started acting weird about 2 weeks into the trip. And had stopped eating again, then one day just didn't get up and the coral banded was all over him :(

    So that was shattering my first fish to die from something that I feel like i could have sorted out if i was here ;(

    I've decided not to replace it just yet because my LFS charged me $100 for it and I've seen some in the qld shops go for like $40 so that was a bit of a turn off. Just want to get the tank perfect before I try something new again thinking either another leopard but one of the really bright females, or maybe a midas blenny. Maybe there's something else I've not thought of...

    Current tankmates are:
    Flame Angel
    Yellow/ Purple Wrasse
    2x Clowns
    1x Pajama cardinal

    Got home today and found some double sided mounting square things so thought I'd give my cable area a bit of a tidy up stuck up the temp controller for the heater and skimmer controller. (they've both now fallen down but it could have been glorious)


    Still battling some cyano but it is a crapload better than it was before. The algae on the back is a new thing since my cyano started going away. Something to do with my phosphate to nitrate balance I think. Lost my 2 hammers while I was on holiday too but the clam and anemone and duncans are still ok.


    from my last update with the SSC frag, it hasn't grown at all and got all sorts of messed up while I was away. I think it might be making a very slow recovery, there is still a pretty solid pink colour on the main body and green around the base. So hopefully if I just keep things nice it might come back.


    Going to change the light schedule around on the Moon LED side of the tank while there's only the scolly under it, not sure if that was the cause of the hammer deaths. But every single time I've got a hammer or a torch they die eventually so could just be me struggling with them for some reason.

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