General Switching From Lanth To Algae For Phos

Discussion in 'General Reef Related Discussion' started by Adam_w, Apr 4, 2018.

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  1. Adam_w

    Adam_w Member

    So I had phosphate troubles got on the UAC bandwagon they're great and their products all work.

    I just want to move away from dosing their phosphate remover to open up another channel on the doser/ just still hear mixed stuff about lanth dosing.

    I've got some room in my sump for a fuge area or I can get an algae scrubber not sure which to go for. I've never really had a nitrate problem just my phosphates for some reason always jump way above of my nitrates, figure it's probably something to do with the siporax.

    I saw on the facebook mafa page someone was talking about putting an airstone under the bio media to make it get rid of phosphate rather than nitrate, is this a thing I couldn't find much on google.

    Just looking for tips on moving away from Lanth, I guess I can't just turn the pump off and pray but if i leave it running it might just sap the phosphates before I can get any algae growing seems like I might have dead ended myself

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